SHORE Gold for Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre

Oct 19, 2022

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre is the first event organizer in Finland to receive a SHORE Gold-level certification.

The SHORE certification evaluates and certifies an asset’s resilience to operational risk and provides a toolkit for sustaining world-class operational standards on the property.
The certification is a hallmark of confidence, signifies that the asset meets even the highest international standards, and provides a SAFE exhibition space for visitors, exhibitors, and personnel.

We want to offer all our customers a high-quality and safe event experience. The SHORE certificate verifies our thorough work in risk management and in building a responsible business. In the current world situation, reliability and safety are a significant competitive advantage for an event house,” says Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre CEO Anni Vepsäläinen.


“As an organization, Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre are very solution-oriented, and challenges are tackled quickly. Safety practices and risk management are exceptionally well documented. It has been great to see how convincingly Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre builds a safe event environment that meets international criteria for its customers,” says Erik Engstrand, CEO of SAFE Asset group.