New name and added services

Oct 14, 2020

New name
Over the last couple of years, our customer base has evolved to include a more diversified portfolio of assets. The market has also experienced a growing trend towards mixed-use assets.
Therefore, to satisfy our customers’ new requirements and enhance our relevance in this ever-changing market, Safe Shopping Centers is changing their name to Safe Asset Group.


Introducing SHORE-Certification
With years of expertise in the best practices of safeguarding commercial properties, Safe Asset Group will now consolidate all of our certifications
under one umbrella – the SHORE-Certification.

afe Hospitality, Office, Retail and Environment

We certify your asset from a safety and security perspective, making sure you know both where you stand today and how you can improve.

Any size operation
Whether you operate a shopping center a mixed use real estate asset portfolio or manage a hotel property, we offer SHORE-Certification across all business sizes that will cater to your specific needs.

Peace of mind
Our SHORE-Certification ensure your asset is safe and looks out for the safety of individuals while also ensuring the safe operation of the asset, which in turn brings added value to the property.

If you manage a diversified portfolio of assets, the SHORE certification scheme will be ideal for you, as it has the flexibility to meet the most basic requirements of a simple operation or the more detailed requirements that come with running an advanced asset portfolio.