Shore Certification


SHORE – The global benchmarking and quality assurance standard for Safe Hospitality, Office, Retail, and Exhibition assets

The SHORE Certification process initiates with an initial data collection stage.

A SHORE-accredited assessor then validates this information through either an on-site or on-line evaluation, depending on the desired certification level.

Upon successful assessment, the asset may earn one of three certification tiers: Certified, Gold, or Platinum.
These tiers reflect the asset’s operational performance, and maturity of its operational risk management framework.

Once conferred, the certification remains valid for three years, subject to two annual compliance verifications.
These annual assessments are stringent reviews that ensure ongoing compliance with SHORE’s criteria and affirm the asset’s dedication to risk management, safety, and operational excellence.

Data Collection

The initial phase of the SHORE Certification process involves the collection of data, where the applicant provides relevant information and documentation.

This is facilitated through a comprehensive online survey designed to capture a multi-dimensional snapshot of the asset’s operational landscape.


Post-submission, a SHORE-accredited assessor undertakes the task of reviewing the provided data.

This process is instrumental in establishing an operational baseline for the asset, which in turn serves as a foundational reference point for the subsequent certification assessment.


A dedicated SHORE assessor, specifically assigned to your application, conducts a  review of your asset and its operational parameters.

This assessment can be executed either on-site or online and is determined by the certification level you are aiming to achieve.


In alignment with SHORE’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of safety and governance, each certified asset is revisited on-site or on-line on an annual basis.

These verifications serve multiple functions: they confirm the asset’s ongoing compliance, validate periodic documentation, and keep the asset holder abreast of the latest industry best practices and know-how.


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